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Designed and manufactured in Australia the Rheem 250L Electric Water Heater is the ideal replacement for your old electric model.




  • Twin element model - provides a daytime boost for high demand hot water use

  • Easy Like for Like replacement - common footprint and fitting locations to older model electric water heaters ensures an easy changeover

  • Dual handed fittings - provides installation flexibility

  • Exclusive Rheem Ultranamel® Class Y enamel protects the cylinder with a tough, durable coating.

  • Thicker sacrificial anode - provides additional protection for cylinder against water borne contaminants

  • Suitable for connection to lower cost tariffs - resulting in lower running costs

Rheem 250L Twin Element Electric Water Heater

SKU: 492250
  • Downloads

  • Warranty

    • 12 Years on cylinder*
    • 1 Year labour warranty on the cylinder*

    • 1 Year parts & labour*

    *Warranty conditions apply

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